Professor Clive Ballard

Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, University of Exeter Medical School

Clive studied psychiatry in Coventry and Birmingham before specialising in the psychiatry of older adults. He moved to Newcastle as an MRC Clinical Fellow and Senior Lecturer in 1995 to join the world leading dementia with the Lewy Body Dementia research group. Clive then moved to the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London in 2003 as Professor of Age-Related Diseases, where he directed the NIHR Biomedical Research Unit for Dementia and codirected the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Disease. From 2003 to 2013 Clive was also Director of Research for the Alzheimer’s Society and played a key role in the successful campaign to overturn a NICE decision and make anti-dementia drugs available for people with dementia. Over this period Clive published more than 200 research papers including key clinical trials focussing on the treatment of dementia with Lewy bodies, dementia in people with Down’s syndrome, vascular dementia and neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia.


Professor Linda Chiu Wa Lam

Director, Dementia Research Unit

Linda’s Expertise is in Neurocognitive Disorders and Psychiatric Epidemiology. Her Research Interests are late onset major neurocognitive disorders, psychiatric epidemiology and integrated intervention for psychiatric disorders.


Dr Anne Corbett

Senior Lecturer in Dementia Research

Anne conducted her post-graduate PhD research at Imperial College in the field of molecular biology, infection and disease, giving her a grounding in molecular science and genetics. She then spent several years outside of academia working in research communications and implementation in the research team at Alzheimer’s Society UK. She returned to academia in 2011, applying her combined experience in basic science, dementia and translational research to dementia and ageing research. She spent four years at King’s College London where she developed a wide portfolio of dementia research ranging from online studies into risk reduction, drug discovery, clinical trials and care home research. She has particular expertise in clinical trial delivery, online research, translational research and patient and public involvement.

Anne’s research at the University of Exeter focuses on two broad areas. The first is cognitive health in ageing, which is built around her large online research cohort of people over 50, the PROTECT study ( The second is care home research, focusing on training, psychosocial and pharmacological approaches to improving the quality of dementia care in these settings.


Ellie Pickering

PROTECT Study Co-ordinator

Ellie is co-ordinating the PROTECT study at the University of Exeter. She joined the University of Exeter in 2013 as an administrator in student Wellbeing Services. She started at the Medical School in 2015 as Administrative Assistant to the Programme Directors, followed by a secondment from 2016 – 2017 as Research Administrator.